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Investment Decision Making Toolkit: (qp) builds a family office and then serves as the engine that powers it. This is a fundamentally different relationship than wiring out your wealth to an RIA/MFO. As your SFO investment team, our duty is to objectively select and propose investments and then empower and educate the families as the ultimate decision maker.

For each recommended investment we provide the following tools to help the families wield this authority optimally:

·       Family Specific Purpose: (qp) provides each family with how the specific investment fits their purpose-based framework across multiple dimensions.

·       Detailed Investment Decision Memo: A 10-30-page memo (depending on investment complexity) that breaks out the four Ps that define our investment process: Purpose, Philosophy, People, Process.

·       Two Page Tear Sheet: A compact version of the full memo.

·       Access to Full Backup Documentation/Diligence: Access upon request to all the documents and work that went into the recommendation.

·       In-depth Discussion:  Within a family’s custom decision-making framework, whether that is an in-person investment committee meeting presentation or ad-hoc single point of contact phone calls.

·       Investment Terms Negotiation: Families enjoy the joint scale and heft of (qp)’s size when we negotiate fund terms for our families, while investing directly into the opportunities with none of the negatives that come with feeders or comingled access.

·       Execution: Once approved, the (qp) team leads the execution of the investment, including filling out subscription docs and facilitating funding.

·       Documentation:  All investment documentation is organized and retained by (qp) on behalf of each family.  

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(qp) global is a boutique professional services firm located in Greenwich, CT focused exclusively on managing the single-family offices, wealth, investments, and family affairs of a small collection of substantial families from around the globe.

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