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The 4 (quad) pillars (p‘s) of a world-class single family office.


We operate as an extension of the families we serve, helping them make more informed decisions about their wealth and their family affairs. This is only possible because we are truly aligned with families.


We are a unique team of single-family office investors and operators, with the skills, networks, and capabilities necessary to both protect and grow the wealth and well-being of significant families over generations.


Through process comes understanding. With a deep and holistic understanding of each of our family’s total picture, we provide families with well reasoned, more informed advice based on our experienced judgment.


Our sole purpose is the success of our families. We can only accomplish this by remaining a boutique, serving a small and exclusive collection of families.

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115 East Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
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(qp) global is a boutique professional services firm located in Greenwich, CT focused exclusively on managing the single-family offices, wealth, investments, and family affairs of a small collection of substantial families from around the globe.

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