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Optimize, harmonize, and align the family organization through purposeful design and world class management.

Family Organizational Architecture® (FOA) represents the design, buildout, and ongoing optimization of the family’s entire “organization”, including the family office, trust & estate advisors, investment and risk management, tax and accounting, insurance, legal entities and a broad array of external service providers.

FOA is truly transformational as it both perfectly reflects the family’s mission, values, and goals and is a major source of synergy and value.

FOA embodies the interplay between the functional (investing, planning, administration); the structural (entities, accounts, and organizations); and the operational (process, governance, reporting).


  • Functional focuses on roles and responsibilities, answering the who, what, and why with the objective of bringing accountability and transparency. Successfully managing a family organization requires a unique set of skills and experience.
  • Structural  is all about using legal and accounting strategies and structures in conjunction with and beyond investments for control, governance, protection, and transfer. Designed, coordinated, and executed well, these structures can have a major positive impact on the family over the long-term.
  • Operational  manages the convergence of people and process. It sets the framework and practices around communications, information, measurement, and interaction between every part a family’s ecosystem.

The Bottom Line

It takes significant effort and resources to set up or transform a family’s organizational architecture. (qp) global family offices possess the right team, partners, and expertise to provide you with your best “return on investment”. 

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(qp) global is a boutique professional services firm located in Greenwich, CT focused exclusively on managing the single-family offices, wealth, investments, and family affairs of a small collection of substantial families from around the globe.

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